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Hand made in solid oak, painted wood or traditionally woodgrained in mahogany, burr walnut or maple. All traditionally signwritten in enamel and most often finished with gold leaf. 

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Oar blades are used for recording victories. Like many types of signage the signwriter develops their own style in putting a message across in the most effective and attractive way. 

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There is a fascination to many of hand painted letters, painted effects and gilding. These two day  workshops aim to give a perfect understanding and foundation to this.

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Weathervanes, church decoration, bridges, historic buildings and specialist lettering are just some of the surfaces that lend them selves to finely beaten pure gold, know as gold leaf.

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Through my passion of teaching I have developed a few products to help other signwriters and lettering artists. These are available through the online shop. More products to follow.



 Hand Made, Painted & Gilded


a bit about me...

I used to milk the cows at home on the farm when I was a young teenager. I enjoyed it but whilst I was waiting for them to finish I would grab my piece of chalk and draw lettering all over a big plastered wall. I had a fascination in this that neither my Dad or the cows could understand. The cows have long gone, but fortunately my Dad encouraged me to make something of it.. That was about 37 years ago.


Starting full time when I was twenty work was mainly canal boats, heavy goods vehicles, “No parking” signs, shop facias and pub signs. Times change and the computer age made a huge impact but one way or another I stuck to my guns and kept going taking which ever path worked for me….as long as it was with paint. 

We now have a renaissance for the signwriter, a passion for painted signs with the public recognising it as an art. “Ghost signs” are being recreated on buildings, chain restaurants are employing signwriters and Council’ heritage departments treat us with huge respect. It has re-surfaced from a trade to a profession.

Honours boards are my main work. As well as making new ones I update these throughout the year mainly for sports clubs, schools and masonic lodges and have done some of these for well over 20 years, so it is very important to look after these customers.


Running workshops, teaching and talks are hugely important to me. It has taken me all around the world. My work has also been featured in many publications, books and had TV coverage. My branded brushes sell worldwide and seeing other's using them for their day to day work is wonderful.

I hope you enjoy my website and feel free to contact me. Thanks, David


David Kynaston,

Nant Ucha Farm,

Tower Hill, Garth,



LL20 7YH.

Phone 01978 821552 

Mobile 07758 651053

Email: info@davidkynaston.co.uk

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