Classical Roman and Copperplate Workshop:

The "point system" teaches the fundamentals of the lettering using simple geometry that enables the artist to understand how and why the shapes are formed. Once understood lettering will become a pleasure and take on a beauty all of its own.


We also cover how to use the brush as a tool, how to apply and release pressure to create letters with minimal strokes and the finest of serifs. How to flow with Copperplate and do hairline strokes and flourishing capitals. We discuss colour understanding warm and cool, tints and shades. Design, and how to make the simplest of designs into a beautiful and effective sign.


Tea, coffee, snacks and midday lunch will be included. Details will be forwarded to all that book for local accomodation. We have some local pubs and restaurants that are ideal, and this works well if we choose to dine together. 


Maximum of seven students per workshop, suitable for beginner to professional. 


Location: Nant Ucha Farm, Tower Hill, Garth, Llangollen, North Wales LL20 7YH


Classical Roman & Copperplate - 2 day workshop TOTAL: £300, Dates to be announced.

Classical Roman and Copperplate Workshop - Postponed until further notice