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Roman lettering is the basis of any signwriters' work. These are some of my most important tips, designs and thoughts that I have collaborated over the last 36 years work.


An 8 page booklet download that can be printed A4 size in individual pages or for a booklet. Or, can simply be stored on your device for quick and useful reference.

Aimed for signwriters, lettering artists, artists, tattooists, typographers and calligraphers.


Thank you for visiting my website. I have been a traditional signwriter since the late '80's. My work covers design, manufacture, painting and hand lettering of traditional signs. 

I also have my own products that are made in the UK.

I run workshops, write magazine articles and give talks about sign writing. 

I have a small workshop on my family farm in North Wales, I'm a father of two children.

Think that's enough, happy browsing!...... David


My first book. Magnus and the Roman Letters. An educational and fun read into how the Romans invented our alphabet.

For all ages, children, students, artists and signwriters. Written and published in the UK.

Signed copies on request.


Birch plywood, poplar frame, enamel paints with 23 carat burnished gold leaf lettering.


Hand painted pictorial in enamels with gold leaf lettering on birch plywood.


A selection new honours boards in the workshop. Finished in enamel paint or gold leaf. Updated in situ every year by myself.

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Black enamel, gilded shading on natural oak.


I have given talks, demonstrations and ran workshops all around the world in the last 25 years. I do these mostly from home now in my purpose built studio. I run two types of workshop. The first is Roman and Copperplate lettering. The second, Gold Leaf Techniques.

South Africa tour oar.jpeg

Honours boards, and achievement plaques and oars are a very important tradition for schools and associations.

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Hand made in solid oak, painted wood or traditionally woodgrained in mahogany, burr walnut or maple. All traditionally signwritten in enamel and most often finished with gold leaf. 

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Oar blades are used for recording victories. Like many types of signage the signwriter develops their own style in putting a message across in the most effective and attractive way. 

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There is a fascination to many of hand painted letters, painted effects and gilding. These two day  workshops aim to give a perfect understanding and foundation to this.

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Weathervanes, church decoration, bridges, historic buildings and specialist lettering are just some of the surfaces that lend them selves to finely beaten pure gold, know as gold leaf.

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Through my passion of teaching I have developed a few products to help other signwriters and lettering artists. These are available through the online shop. More products to follow.


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